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語言 404810441  林琨晧  留學學校:賓州印第安那大學


Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) is the school I choose for my junior abroad program during 2017 and 2018. IUP locates at Indiana Town of Pittsburgh city in Pennsylvania state, the east coast of United States of America. It is quite like Lanyang campus, a college out-of-the-way from a big city, but is bigger, more interesting and convenient than Lanyang campus. We have a tidy and neat dorm, Wallwork Hall, with lots of considerate and kind Community Associates staying with us and dealing with problems we meet in rooms. It only takes ten minutes walking from dorm to the teaching building, College of Humanities and Social Science (HSS), where I take classes such as, French, English Composition, Global History, Journalism and Mass Media, Technical Writing as well as Speech and Communication for the year.(132字)


照片說明:Photo with Dr. Hibsman, the instructor of Technical Writing class

【照片說明:Photo with Dr. Hibsman, the instructor of Technical Writing class】

I like Technical Writing, registered in Spring 2018 semester, the most. This is a writing intensive course with three papers a week. In this course, I learned a lot of skills such as persuasive letters, memos, publishing news, fixing bloopers, resume and business plan, etc that are all business-oriented materials. Sometimes, those assignments are easy, while the others are time-consuming or hard to finish. It combines basic writing skills with applied usage in business industry so that I think it is a helpful, practical and worthy course to take in the second semester. Moreover, the course is not perfect without mentioning how interesting and kind the professor is. He is a hard-working and passionate professor. He always shares his stories and experiences before explaining the assignments or cutting in line of writing skills. I think that is awesome because it is effective to raise interests of students and get professor and students closer. My most impressive experience he shared was he went on a business trip to China, and how he solved the communication problems and the demands from his boss during those days which were so funny and inspiring. As well, he is willing to solving students' questions on assignments, leaving feedback on assignments or giving advice in searching a job which is pretty cool because his feedback and advice on assignments or job are accurate and precise and that helps a lot for students to find errors they made in assignments or the details they did not notices on resumes. Overall, I think there is no such thing as free lunch, the more I want to learn, the more practice I should have. After the semester ends, I look back on all assignments I have done, a feeling of achievements runs into my mind which is amazing and touching.(300字)


照片說明:Wallwork Hall (North Side)

【照片說明:Wallwork Hall (North Side)】

IUP has a big and beautiful campus with friendly people and lovely weather in fall and spring. Walking around campus and lying on the grass at Oak Grove are the best things to do in sunny days that release a lot of pressure from my mind. "When in Rome, do as Romans do." To live a life American students will have is one of my goal in the States. The moment I lie down on the grass, it is just like an electricity going through, refreshing and refuelling my body. However, it is hard to tell how cozy and relax physically and mentally blending with the nature it is. I don't need to worry about how people would look at me either when I am seeing the beautiful blue sky, watching crowd of clouds floating, listening to the message the mild winds want to tell or experiencing the softness of grass for a whole afternoon since no one would look at others in a negative way or interrupt in what others are doing as long as they don't feel offended. It is also worthy to mention that Oak Grove is the best place to have sunbathing because it is just outside the teaching building and the library and that means whenever feeling tired of class or studying, come outside to enjoy the sunshine, music played from students or activities held by Students Association. The most impressive one was Chalk the Way which allowed students draw whatever they want on the road, there were lots of artistic and creative paintings that made Oak Grove more colorful,rather than only green for the place. In addition, although Indiana is a small town, there are some different types of restaurants near the campus, such as Chinese, Thailand, Indian, Mexican and Italian. I will highly recommend all of them because they are affordable and most importantly, they are delicious. By the way, I really enjoy the food at the Thailand restaurant. I like their curry the most, it is sweet but I can taste some spicy in that which is the best part of the dish. Moreover, it is a common way to spend some leisure time taking advantage of Icard. Showing Icard which has all students in IUP free rides around the town to go shopping at Wal-Mart, Indiana Mall and dollar-tree, etc. As well, to have a sightseeing of beautiful houses can be a new exploration of the town during the short bus trip.(412字)


照片說明:My best friends from the whole world who go through all the happy and sad memories with me

【照片說明:My best friends from the whole world who go through all the happy and sad memories with me】

When it comes to difficulties on studies, I would say I did not worry about that after staying on campus for few days. There are lots of resources we can use, such as Skill Zone, Writing Center, free tutoring on several subjects in the library. They help me with papers and some questions of classes that I took advantage of to get good grades. About life, I am fortunate that I have met lots of friends from different countries who went through all of my obstacles on culture shocks of life with me. From them, I learned lots of points of view on life, like, how to face difficulties in a positive way and resolve that when encountering them. I still remember the biggest problem of me was to socialize with people. I know it sounds ridiculous but that happened on me every time getting involved in a group of new people. I was depressed and unwilling to contact with people. However, it was they that told me everything would be alright and helped me encounter with the problem by standing by my side to comfort me and even offered suggestions during or after socializing. With their help, I grew up little by little in getting along with people in my own way. From the guy who was even not used to greet to others to the one who can blend into groups although sometimes maybe still unnatural, I try to be confident and positive. All in all, my friends are the motivations and courages make me grow up soon in this year. (263字)


There are three suggestions for the coming juniors to IUP: be independent, be responsible and be confident. First of all, the United States is an individualism country which means most people expect you to do your own matters and set all stuff done independently. Definitely, they are willing to offer help when you are really overwhelmed by difficulties, but, never take it for granted. For me, I am fortunate enough to have a bond with local students in French class. We study French together before exams which I try to review by myself all the time before going to the study group. I think that are good for increase my memories by reviewing over twice and by offering some help to the local students and that would help to maintain our friendships positively. Secondly, be responsible to the studies and life you choose to have or to lead. Mostly, you need to do some research on courses you want to or have to take for credits. How does the professor lead the class and is it helpful to your future? Think about that a little bit before registering for classes and seeking for more information from the advisor or seniors. By the way, professors in IUP are angels, as long as you present to all classes, turn in assignments on time and speak in class sometimes, there are no difficulties to get an A in the final grades. Finally, be confident to make new friends or joining clubs. You are good and brave enough since the second decided to study abroad. Therefore, just be open-minded to accept and cherish everything happening in your days since there will not be a second one after you come back. Try to explore the world in your own way and that you will find out you are stronger and grow up more than you think before stepping out Taiwan, the comfort zone we belong to.(321字)


During my junior abroad year, I have accomplished and achieved lots of my goals set before I came to USA, such as, backpacking by myself, couch surfing, making lots of friends and getting a part time job. Among them, I want to share backpacking experiences and how I make new friends in this year. My first backpacking trip was in the winter session when I travelled through the west coast of United States. I was struggled whether to do that or not, the saying " You can only live once" convinces and pushes me to the boulevard I am walking on. I was still nervous about that in the first day I arrived at San Diego, but I got used to it and even become addicted to the feeling of freedom and excitement. I realized that I was the only one to share my own time which meant I could schedule time getting lost in beautiful streets, visiting places people recommend or just taking a rest on bed for a whole day. Moreover, I feel myself more independent than before since I need to deal with all the stuff, flight, hotel, tourist attractions plans and face new people by myself that are challenging but I learned a lot from them. Besides, to stay at hostel where travel lovers gather together is a good idea to make new friends. By sharing tourney experience, we can know where is worthy to stay and explore more but where is not the place. I have been to six cities to backpack and have already met several people from Europe, Ausrtalia and Latin America. We even become friends who were my roommates in hostel or I met them on streets that are super cool and amazing. Luckily, I have the other way to make new friends which is to join International Students Fellowships (ISF) every Friday night. The place also gathers international students in IUP to share their cultures differentiating from American's which are fun and good to know. The founder who is really kind and hosting. She invited us to her house for times, making some snacks and playing table games, etc. She and other Americans are volunteering to this group in order to give more interactions among students that indeed have my life in IUP more colorful, more meaningful and more feeling of home.(390字)


照片說明:The third stop of backpacking- San Jose
【照片說明:The third stop of backpacking- San Jose】
照片說明:Snapshot of sunrise from plane
【照片說明:Snapshot of sunrise from plane 】
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