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2017大三出國輔導通報系統 - 留學心得報告[編輯]
語言 404810300  李若溱   留學學校:天普大學


The exchange school I chose in my junior year was Temple University, from Aug. 3rd in 2017 to Aug. 1st in 2018. Temple University is many things to many people. A melting pot of ideas and innovation. TU is a state-related research university located in the Cecil B. Moore neighborhood of Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, United States. TU has six campuses and sites across Pennsylvania, plus international campuses in Rome and Tokyo. I've been taking some courses: Introduction of Psychology, Introduction of Pathology, Introduction of Advertising, Human Sexuality, Language in Society, Child Development from birth to nine. (93字)


照片說明:藉由一天時間對Adam做行為認知發展的觀察與課堂內容作結合,並且跟Adam的 奶奶聊天關於家裡古董擺設收集和故事

【照片說明:藉由一天時間對Adam做行為認知發展的觀察與課堂內容作結合,並且跟Adam的 奶奶聊天關於家裡古董擺設收集和故事】

The course is called Child Development from birth to nine and instructed by Professor Amber O'Shea.This field experience involves observing, not teaching which means to select a child to observe early in the semester. We may choose to observe, a relative,a friend's child, then aimed to observe and interact with children to assess their developmental status then wrote as notes to submit the observational paper. From my perspective, it could urge and push us to be more attentive on class participation and make much deeper analysis apply on the field observation.According to the real observation and the content that I learned to make a connection, also spoke from his parents, when children first spoken words appear at one year world, they may probably understand hundreds of words, when they are getting grew up, they may start to understand short sentences or saying some simple words to express themselves, or more advanced, they are already using grammar, the order of the words in English, to figure out who’s going what to whom. Following is that I played with Adam in that day evening, there were a few of broken rocks above of some of the water in a container, then I asked him why did you want to pile them up, Edam said that he would like to build up a castle to protect his family and hero, a robot and a tank. I would really believe that babies they are sponges when it comes to learning everything! From every process of the observation, I would very enjoyed in every moments, I also took some of videos and photos to record all of their movement and pleasant phenomenon in Adam’s home via participating some activities they actually did on usual, such as ,played the soccer and piano, Moreover, I would also highly recommended the course of Language of Society, the instructor is Melissa K. Krug, she is very knowledgeable and warm for any students who is interested in the field on ANTHROPOLOGY, you will learned more analytic and abundant material if you like it. It could also enhance our the ability of critical thinking and writing skills, because we will practice comparison ,analyzing,persuasion,critique and of course summarizing ,along with the good citation practices and more academic style. (383字)




The main campus is in North Philadelphia, about 2.4 km north of Center City, it occupies 118 acres. Events for students and the public include concerts,clubs,exhibits and lectures. I would more recommend living off-campus more than on-campus, although some of people would think that it will be more dangerous compared to live on-campus, but it will be more flexible or cheaper living in off-campus. Nevertheless, it just basically depends on what your needs,such as budget,free,vise versa. Then i just jump straight to the point, I've been living for approximately ten months in The Modules which is called skyline apartment now. More specifically, it is very convenient to go the supermarket getting some daily supplement or food, just about five mins on foot, just right on the corner of the avenue of the Cecil B. Avenue and North Broad Street, here's living function and the phenomenon of the city are very superior and vigorous and the convenient traffic conditions.The Bank of America and cinema sneakers shop and subway also easy to get. Most importantly, it just take around five to ten mins away from the main campus on foot. When it comes to the weather, i would more of enjoying winter more than summer, it will get freezing when winter because the temperature will drop to the minus ten Celsius degrees, and it will be around thirty three Celsius n summer and the temperature will vary much from day to night. (244字)


照片說明:法國羅浮宮- 利用課餘時間挑戰放鬆 讓自己視野昇華

【照片說明:法國羅浮宮- 利用課餘時間挑戰放鬆 讓自己視野昇華】

The first thing that I need to overcome was how accustomed to the foreign surroundings, being confident to all the audience in front of you when we were presenting. First of all, Philadelphia's population has steadily boosted since early 19th, also lots of the Black included, so the problem of accent may impact some understanding when we just came here, even for the Whites though. Secondly, we need to be respectful and kind for any kinds of culture or ideas around the world which means try to infuse the American style, the melting pot, temple also put many efforts in developing the friendly-environment and non-violent learning atmosphere while we were sharing the comments and experiences. most importantly, we need to allocate the time and schedule properly in advance, because it can prevent the schedule from being chaotic during the exam. Lat but not least, when I feel stressed out when I encountered all the ups and downs in the daily life or the the anticipation raised by parents, I am also even wondering where the values are, but I guaranteed that I MUST have the space and opportunity to wash away the weariness, do not let the negative emotions stay for the long time, so in my opinion, arranging a travel is absolutely a good way to tempt leave all the stress behind and broaden the horizons and experiences. One sentences that talked from my professor: When you get that feeling to go for it, don't hesitate. The worst thing that could happen is that you run out of your time to do what your heart begged you to do . (270字)


Among this one year in Temple, I also spent some time in traveling, on my perspective, we should put the emphasis evenly on study and entertainment when we allocated our daily life.Often the best moment are not planned but instead happen when we least expect it. First of all, we would be better know what we actually want to acquire in this year then adjust the mindset when you confronted and difficulties. Trying to be more active when we have opportunities to challenge ourselves, or will be regretful when we were are missing out. Take some as an examples, trying to take the lead when having the discussion rather than being aggressive. They are also some part-time job and volunteer chances provided. When we just entered to the Temple, it was required to have the health insurance, because it is very expensive when we get sick or some severe symptoms in the hospital in result of certain cases will not be covered in this health insurance. I would greatly recommended that take some medicine from Taiwan, especially the treatment for individual allergies, just in case for mild symptoms, it was also important to go to the gym three times a week at least, or consume the dietary supplement such as vitamins and gummy to boost the immune system when we stayed up for the exam. (226字)




照片說明:費城 Fairmount Park 4月春天的櫻花
【照片說明:費城 Fairmount Park 4月春天的櫻花】
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