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2018大三出國輔導通報系統 - 留學心得報告[編輯]
語言 405810168  蘇建州  留學學校:里昂第三大學(法國)


What comes to your mind when you hear Lyon? For most people, symbolic impression of France is always originated from the capital city, Paris. What about Lyon? Well, I was delighted to study in a city which has once been the capital of the Gaul where French ancestors had lived during the Roman Empire. Lyon is located in South-East of France and it was nominated by UNESCO in 1998 due to its abundant world historical heritages. As a French enthusiast, I was ecstatic to study in University of Jean Moulin Lyon III as an exchange student. Lyon III covers two programs for exchange students which are SELF (Study English in Lyon France) and DEUF (Diplôme d’Etudes Universitaire Françaises) respectively.(121字)




In the first semester, the course which I appreciate very much was French class. At the beginning of the class, I expected the professor would teach in English. However, this class is the only one which is compulsorily French-taught among all classes I took. Initially, I couldn’t keep up the pace with the professor because she spoke as if bullets triggered from a machine gun flying rapidly into my ears. Besides, looking around my classmates, I was astonished because they spoke French fluently and naturally as if they had been native speakers. Frustrated and upset, I realized there was a Korean who had tough time struggling with French grammar too. We met and became bosom friends because we have the same level of French comprehension. From that day, in order to immerse ourselves in the society, we had French conversation for one hour every day except weekends. Little by little, both of our French reached a certain proficiency. It was not until I made substantial progress on French that I realized why we should be taught in original language. In addition, I took International Human Rights Law course because I had a keen interest on how human rights law being established by the United Nations and practiced by each country. During the class, I was pleased to share how human rights being carried out in my country even though Taiwan is still not a member of the UN. Once I explained the obstacles and why we were striving to attend any sort of international organizations, I received a decent applause, being glad that I’ve done nation-branding of Taiwan.(270字)




In the second semester, I transferred to DEUF program which all courses were French-taught and I had possibly more opportunity to meet local students. However, unlike SELF program, professors solely teach the contents without leaving discussion for students, which disappointed me somehow. Nevertheless, I met local French students and got along with them really well. One of them is called Simon, and he not only became my best partner in badminton course, but he also motivated me to speak French without fear regardless of some grammatical mistakes. Furthermore, he was patient to listen to what I was talking and corrected me as long as I made errors. As a consequence, my life became more diverse when I entered the so-called “French community” which I have never imagined. One Saturday afternoon, I was invited to “Laser Game”, which was a collective game of gun-battle with laser. The game boosted and strengthened our friendship. Although we didn’t have much contacts with each other, that day marked an unforgettable journey that I will cherish forever in my life. I will never forget their warm welcome to a foreigner who couldn’t speak fluent French. Frankly speaking, I’m grateful for whom I met in Lyon III and they played a crucial part throughout my exchange life.(214字)




Living in a non-English speaking country didn’t cause extreme difficulties to me because I have yet decided to overcome my language barrier in full confidence before arriving in France. I believe language wasn’t always a problem for communicating, but how people reacted and their attitude given as I asked them for help genuinely in French. Last October, I found that I was severely bitten by bed-bugs in my dorm and I felt depressed and startled by the dorm supervisor’s irresponsible answer. I was rejected to change my room because it was entirely cleaned by pest-inspectors but how did I know whether it would happen again. Even though it was clean afterwards, terrible images of dorm’s sanitary condition and supervisor’s attitude couldn’t be effaced. This February, I was deceived by a false text message of French health insurance, losing a large amount of money. I immediately went to the police office and explained what happened. Unfortunately, the officer seemed unwilling to help me without noting the event and asked me to describe my situation on a website. His reply made me even more panic and hopeless, not knowing what to do in this urgency. Consequently, I couldn’t get my money back ultimately due to my stupidity. I came to realize that I was no longer protected as I used to live in the comfort zone. In foreign country, no one will tell me what I should do because I was regarded as an individual, being independent and taking full responsibility of my life. I can’t put the blame on anyone but to entirely adapt to the society where I live. On the other hand, I relish the solitude of mine when I’m reading “The Outsider” by Albert Camus in original version. I felt a sense of achievement when I had vivid images of the plot from reading it. To some certain extent, I gradually become more French-like in terms of their favorite hobby. Besides, in order to enhance my French comprehension, I took extra courses in a language institute founded by retired teachers, CPU. Not only did I get more opportunity to speak and develop my writing skills, I also immersed myself in French lifestyle. Once I was invited to have lunch with teachers, I got to be more familiar with their food culture and eating habits. There I considered them to be part of my “Family” in foreign country since they were indeed amiable to teach me French table manners as if I were one of their kids. For example, I was told to look directly to the person’s eyes while cheering wine which is customary in France. I particularly viewed CPU as my second home as it brought me irreplaceable sense of being attached to the city of Lyon, considering myself as a ‘Lyonnais’ too.(476字)


For anyone who is going to Lyon III, please cherish the time in this nation of culture and enrich yourself with ancient history, also specifically French language. Anyone who doesn’t have fundamental level of French, I would suggest that you attend courses in advanced in university. Moreover, I recommend some learning channels on YouTube such as Wennn TV, Utatv and Français avec Pierre in order to make learning intriguing. Before arriving at Lyon, I firmly recommend you to print out and scan all of your documents. Take CAF for example, it is a housing administration which offers financial aid to whoever living in France. It is mandatory to apply it by providing birth certificate, student visa, residence permit, passport and proof of residence in paper materials. As you’ve probably heard it is always normal to wait for up to one month in order to get a residence permit or CAF, so please be patient while they are processing. Culturally speaking, I’m sure there exists much cultural difference. I encourage that you put aside preliminary impression of France or the French because it is not until you encounter or experience that you start to reconsider your images of them. In my point of view, I won’t leave enormous judgements or compliments towards “French”, but to view them with my “heart”. Last but not the least, exchange students are such as diplomats, try to embrace flaw as well as advantage of a country and be grateful for where we come from.(254字)




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